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প্রিয় গ্রাহক, সেবা’র মান উন্নয়নে আমরা বদ্ধপরিকর। সেই ধারাবাহিকতায় ওয়েব সাইট উন্নয়নের কাজ চলছে। আপনাদের সাময়িক অসুবিধার জন্য আমরা দুঃখিত। শেয়ার বাজারের আধুনিক সব সেবা ‍উপহার পেতে আমাদের সাথেই থাকুন।

Portfolio Management Services

Peace of mind


KSL provides Portfolio Management Services to its valued clients. Portfolio Management Service is a tailor made professional service offered to cater the investments objective of different investor classes. The Investment solutions provided by PMS cater to a niche segment of clients. The clients can be Individuals or Institutions entities with high net worth. In simple words, a portfolio management service provides professional management of your investments to create wealth.


  • Transparency
  • Scientific Investment Decisions
  • Expertise
  • Learn While you Earn
  • Let KSL Work for You
  • Peace of Mind
  • Here for the Future

How it Works

The investor enters into an agreement with KSL detailing the investment strategy, goals and other details. The investor can offer either a sum of up to BDT 25 lakh or stocks worth this much. PMS are offered on discretionary as well as non-discretionary basis.

In discretionary, the manager takes investment decisions and has the power of attorney to manage the investor's demat account.

In nondiscretionary, he merely suggests investment ideas; the rest is the investor's prerogative.